Kiara Beltran is  a Mexican-American actress born and based out of Los Angeles. At a young age, she moved to Mexico where she spent the majority of her youth. She was provided the opportunity to travel and live in many different countries where she was able to speak English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Recently, she graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts on May. She excels and enjoys basketball, swimming, mountain biking, horseback riding and singing.

Her career path began with an opportunity in modeling which has opened up different avenues for her acting career. During the last year, she's had the opportunity to model in numerous fashion shows with the most recent being held at Warner Bros. In the last three years, she's acted in many short films, several of which have been selected for movie festivals. Furthermore, in 2016, she was featured in a horror film produced by Universal Studios, Unfriended, Dark Web.  She's done commercials for the brands Adore Me, Hyundai, Lorenz & Lorenz among others. 

She has been recently awarded by LA Shorts Awards with a Gold Award for Best Actress,by  Los Angeles Films Awards for Best Young Actress, by the Festigious Film Festival for Best Young Actress, by the Actors Awards for Best Actress and  she received an Honorable mention by NYC  Indie Film Awards for Best Actress for the short film "Together Again" directed by Antonio Darwiche.  She has several shorts in Post-production and was recently casted in a Feature Film "A Giant Without a Head" directed by the award winning director Jorge Xolalpa Jr.