Music Video "Lost" by Oliver Grano. Song sang and written by Marianne Tuukkanen.

Collaboration with Andrew Jackson showing Kiara's mountain biking skills. 

Collaboration with Andrew Jackson showing Kiara's running skills. 

At the Farmer's Market in LA for the first show of the Metropolitan Fashion Week 2016. Design by: Pavlina Popovska.

Photoshoot for Dylee & Lylee. Rhoda Robert's swimwear collection. 

Modeling the beautiful vintage dresses for an Estonian brand, Fankadelik, with Christin Muuli and Orlando Pineda. 

 A documentary for Golden Era Productions from the 30's.

At Warner Brothers for the third show of The Metropolitan Fashion Show 2016.

"Destiny", a short film, directed by Michael Dolha. 

Documentary for Golden Era Productions from the 30's.

Interview with renown Spanish actress, Belen Cuesta. 

At the Blue carpet modeling Pavlina Popovska's design for the Metropolitan Fashion Week.

A short film directed by Michael McCartney. 

At the Red Carpet before modeling for Fashion Manila 2016.

Modeling for Pavlina Popovska with her dress for the Metropolitan Fashion Week 2016.

Commercial "Taste the magic" for Don Francisco's Gourmet Coffee by Rumena Dinevska. 

A documentary for a reenactment of the mid 1960's set in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe).

A documentary for a reenactment of the mid 1960's set in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe).

Getting ready for "Noises Off" with Kevin Dary.

Photography by: Jorge Paez.

Loving Poppy from "Noises off". Photography by: Jorge Paez.

Modeling for Pavlina Popovska. MUA: Tonii Scott. 

Shooting a commercial "Taste the magic" for Don Francisco's Gourmet Coffee by Rumena Dinevska.  

Shooting "Perfection" written and produced by Antonio Vigna.

Photography by: Andrew Gregor.

Contest for Steady 2016 with Melody Parra.

Rehearsing with Chiara Ferraro for "After May, June". A play written by Isidora  Alvarado.

At The Victory performing "Perceptions".

After the Fashion Show for Annie Couture and Jolie Jewelry.

Back to the 60's for the short film "Forbidden Melody".

Modeling for Casa Trementina, designs by Andie Escamilla.

"Colors and Flowers" with Pavlina Popovska

Finally "El Delatador", by Vanesa Prieto, was released. 

Commecial for "Colour Pop". Directed by Celeste Pillay. 

Shooting a Spec Music Video directed by Nic Lewis. 

Shooting a short film: "By The Book" by Miguel Cruz.

Modeling for The Art Institute Fashion Show 2016.

Shooting for "Mr. Couch Potato Head", a short directed by Quinn Leifur.

Modeling for Katie Brightside at the RAW Artists Fashion Show 2016. 

Playing "The Wind" for Ricoshei's Music Video "Everybody's far away from me".

With Miss Kazakhstan, Acelina Kuchukova, and the face of Annie Couture, Anna Garbuzova.

At the Oxford Fashion Show in LA 2016

"You don't own them", a short film, by Cirenia Esquivel.

"Beyond these walls" by Antonio Darwiche. 

Episode from "Justice with Judge Mablean" playing Sally North. 

"Margaret" a short film directed by Badr Farha.

Honored to open the Art Institute Fashion Show 2016.  

"Mr. Couch Potato Head" directed by Quinn Leifur. 

Thank you Katie Brightside for letting me be part of this creative and amazing vision. 

Shooting Music for Ricoshei before performing at Coachella. 

"Falling Star", a short film directed, by Jessie Chu.

Acting with Chiara Maya.

Photoshoot with Pavlina Popovska going back to 1910.

Playing Maria from the play "Yerma" written by Federico Lorca.

Photoshoot by J. J. Bentley capturing the essence of Kiara Beltran

First Day for "El Delator", a short film, by Vanesa Prieto. 

"Perfection" written by Antonio Vigna. 

Photography by: Andrew Gregor.

Rehearsing for "Noises off",  a 1982 play by the English playwright Michael Frayn.

Shooting Margaret Marieg's collection FALL 2016.

At the screening of "Score", a film music documentary, with Jonas Olsen. 

Thanks Ms. Yoshie for training me to be part of the Kendo NYFA commercial.

Shooting a Tribute for Prince Rogers Nelson at the Art Institute of California.

Thanks Jessie Chu for letting me part of your vision once more.


Photoshoot by Paola Zambrano

Shooting "Redemption", a short film, by Nancy Gagne