Theater: Antony & Cleopatra-Shakespeare I Feb 2019
Had the honor to perform among actors such as Harry Hamlin, Tony Amendola, Joely Fisher & Michelle Greene and be directed by Louis Fontasia.

Feature Film: A Giant Without a Head I Dec 2018
Coming this Fall 2019 directed by Jorge Xolalpa Jr. Can’t wait for you to meet Cordelia.

Theater: El Portal de Nopaltepec I Dec 2018
A play which tells you the story about the day Jesus Christ was born and how it would be if Heaven and Hell had people from our times in those times. A comedy which brought families together; directed by Armando Rubio.

Festivals: Together Again- Panafest I Oct 2018
Together Again once again screens at a great film festival, The Panamanian International Film Festival in L.A. It was an honor to be able to show our work along Ivonne Coll and one of the PANAFEST’S Founders, Carlos Carrasco.


Theater: Immersed by Lili Gorett I Sep-Oct 2018
Got to be part of a Theater Experience that can’t be compared to another one. You get to experience the play with your senses while becoming the protagonist of the story. Thank you Lili Gorett for letting me be part of Immersed in both casts, Spanish and English. Proud to have made it to the semi-finals of the Short & Sweet Festival.

Commercial: V.S. I Oct 2018
Thank you to all the team! It’s finally here.

Feature Film: A Giant Without a Head I Sep 2018
Happy to be part of this feature film and become Cordelia, one of the antagonists of the movie. This film was directed by Jorge Xolalpa Jr.. Thank you for letting me be part of this production. Can’t wait to tell you more about it!

Short Films: The Last one I Aug 2018
Proud of this short film directed by Adrian Rodriguez which has been selected in several film festivals such as: Winner for Best Actor, The MEDFF 2018, The Berlin Flash Film Festival, The Barcelona Planet Film Festival, Winner at the Top Shorts and the Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival. Congratulations to everyone involved!

Commercials: V.S. I Jul 2018
Can’t wait to show you the whole video! Directed by Magnolia Lopez.

Interview/Editorial: "Close-Up Culture" I Jul 2018
Close Up Culture: An Interview With Kiara Beltran , by James Prestidge. To read the whole interview press on the words Close Up!

Short Film: Birds In The City I Apr 2018
We went to Mexico to shoot for two weeks and the result was outstanding! Can't wait to share more about this beautiful story. Thanks to Ian Martin for making this happen!

Short Films: Pingüino I Mar 2018
"Pingüino" means Pinguin in English. This story uses this animal to represent how loyalty and love in a  these difunctional  family. It was a pleasure working with Antonio Darwiche again and a special thanks to Angel Vergara for letting be part of this story.

Interview/Editorial: "Miss Jetset Cover Girl" I Feb 2018
One to watch!  Interview by Von Daven and Photography by Josue Pena.

Interview/Editorial: "Noroeste" I Jan 2018
Super proud to be featured in a renowned Mexican newspaper!

Theater/V.O.: Dragnet- "The Big Little Jesus I Dec 2017
Kiara Beltran got to play a seven year old boy from Mexico with an outstanding cast and director. All the money raised by these shows was sent to Families Forward Learning Center. What a way to start the holidays. 

TV Series: Telemundo "Abriendo Muros" Milagros de Navidad I Dec 2017
Blessed for being part of this TV Show which embraces latin culture and talks about the difficulties that immigrants  go through in The United States of America. If you want to watch it just click on and type in Milagros de Navidad! 

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 7.32.44 PM.png

Commercials: Hecreat I Oct 2017
Happy to share with all of you a little bit of Hecreat, a Chinese product to help you loose weight while being healthy!

Commercials: Hyundai Spanish I Oct 2017
Finally the commercial for Riverside Hyundai can be seen!

Awards: Together Again/Accolade Global Film Competition I Sep 2017
6th Award for Together Again! Way to go!

Commercials: Lorenz & Lorenz I Aug 2017
Lorenz and Lorenz in Spanish and in English!

Festivals: Perfection I Aug 2017
Congratulations to "Perfection" for its four recent selections! Thanks Antonio Vigna for making this possible. It's time for a master piece!

FullSizeRender 16.jpg

Short Films: Hunter I July 2017
Hunter a story of honor, revenge and protection towards family. A special thanks to Shashank Varma for writing this story and for letting me part of it.

Awards: Together Again/Actors Awards I July 2017
Congratulations to "Together Again" for being awarded by Actors Awards  for Best Actress. 

Awards: Together Again/LA Shorts Awards I July 2017
Congratulations to "Destiny" for being awarded by The LA Shorts Awards for Best Script, a Silver Award for best short film and an Honorable mention for Best Director. Thanks Michael Dolha for letting me be part of this story.


Awards: Together Again/LA Shorts Awards I July 2017
Congratulations to "Together Again" for being awarded by The LA Shorts Awards with a Gold Award for Best Actress . This is the 4th award that Together Again receives for acting! A special thanks to Christin Muuli for updating our poster. 


Awards: Together Again/NYC Indie Film Awards I July 2017
Congratulations to "Together Again" for being awarded by The NYC Indie Film Awards with an Honorable mention for Best Actress. Thanks to everyone who made this possible. 

Awards: Together Again/Festigious Film Festival I July 2017
Congratulations to "Together Again" for being awarded by The Festigious Film Festival for Best Young Actress. Congrats to everyone who collaborated on this film!


Awards: Together Again/Los Angeles Films Awards I July 2017
Congratulations to "Together Again" for being awarded by Los Angeles Films Awards for Best Young Actress. This is the result of everyone who was of this beautiful short film. 


FESTIVALS: Together Again I June 2017
Congratulations to "Together Again" for being selected at the Festigious Film Festival, Goddess Nike, LAIFFA with a nomination of best director and best actress, LA Shorts Awards, NYC Indie Film Awards and Actors Awards Nominated Best Actress.  Thanks to my amazing crew and cast for making this happen! We are going for more! 

FESTIVALS: Destiny I June 2017
Congratulations to "Destiny" for being selected at the Festigious Film Festival and the LA Shorts Awards. Thanks to Michael and to all the crew for such a wonderful time creating this story.

This music video tells the story about two sisters who spent a day together. They throw the ashes of their mom at her favorite places to say goodbye to her. Thanks Christin Muuli and Bella Betiato for this project!

SHORT FILM: Together Again I March 2017
After months of preparation, "Together Again" became a reality. It was directed by Antonio Darwiche and produced and written by Kiara Beltran, who also starred in it. "Together Again" is now ready for postproduction!

COMMERCIAL: Adore Me I March 2017
Finally the commercial for Adore Me can be seen!

To see more of their products visit  or follow them on IG: @adoreme


FESTIVALS: Falling Star I Jan 2017
Congratulations to "Falling Star" for being selected for the California Women Film Festival. Thanks to Jessie Chu and to all the crew for creating this beautiful story.

Shooting a documentary for a reenactment of the mid 1960's set in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). 

COMMERCIAL: Colour Pop I Dec 2016
Finally the commercial for Colour Pop can now be seen. 

MUSIC VIDEO (Sneak Peak): "Lost" I Dec 2016
Kiara Beltran acting in Oliver Grano's music video. Song sang and written by Marianne Tuukkanen. 

PROMO: NYFA Kendo Commercial I Sep 2016
Thanks to The New York Film Academy and to Ms. Yoshie for letting be part of the Kendo Promo.  

THEATER: "Noises Off" I Aug 2016
Kiara Beltran playing Poppy in Kira Hagi's adaptation of the play "Noises Off" presented at The Victory Theater in Burbank, CA. 

MUSIC VIDEO: Ricoshei "Everybody's far away from me" I Apr 2016
Waiting for this amazing project to be released.  Follow them on IG: @richoseimusic

THEATER: "After May, June" I Feb 2016
Kiara Beltran playing Azucena, aged 28, written by Isidora Alvarado.